Last year, the Anglican High School’s present, past and prospective students marked their
90th year with a special anniversary service at the Grenada Boys Secondary School
Auditorium, Sunday 17th September at 5pm.  A special article to commemorate this event
was published in this newspaper. 

The Past Pupils Association had a planned year to mark this grand anniversary and it was
hoped that most ‘lazy’ past pupils would join in the drive of our 100th anniversary ‘count
down!’ as we promised to keep you ‘up-to-date on events as they unfold leading up to 2016.  
Unfortunately, only a Family Day in October came off.
Like most of my age, I seemed to have missed the train this year and therefore arrived ‘late’
for assembly last Tuesday.  Unlike last year, the student body together with some special
guests, celebrated the day as a school.  It started with an assembly at Reno cinema at
approximately 9:00am where 628 students with 37 teachers, and special guests were
present.  The ceremony was presided over by principal Ms Madeline Baptiste; The Rev.
Canon Christian Glasglow -  who delivered the invocation and Acting Chief Education
Officer, Mr Julien Ogilvie who delivered the feature address.  There were of course
representatives of the Past Pupils Association; The Parent Teachers Association; Mrs
Gemmie Mason-Francis -  immediate past principal and the Acting Education Officer for
District 5 - Mr Lydon Richardson.
To commemorate the occasion, students were each given a bookmarker with significant
dates and names; the motto and emblem of the school.  A token each student should
The rest of the day was spent in sporting and healthy activities.  These took the form of
forms 1& 2 students competing in netball and cricket matches while the upper forms 3 - 5
engaged in health.  These upper form students were attended to by student nurses who
took their blood pressure and blood sugar while a team from Food and Nutrition Council,
under the guidance of Ms Simpson, engaged the students in the nutritional components of
good eating habits.

Needless to say, the forms 3 - 5 students found this exercise to be very informative,
especially as most young ladies of today seem to take very little care of their bodies
forgetting that it is the barrel of the future!  It is they, the young women who give birth to the
next generation!  The idea I am told, was that of Ms Mandy Henry, a teacher at the school
and chairman of the school’s anniversary committee.
I recall that in the initial plans last academic year, it was anticipated that an official launch for
the 100th year celebration would be done during that year.  Reports indicate that this has
not been realised.  However, I do know of a group who are diligently working on this effort
and are presently creating a website with ALL relevant information.  Students who have not
yet given in their e-mail addresses can do so by sending it to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  So
far, the only Reunion was held in July-August 1991 to mark 75 years.  This year, girls who
attended the school in the 70’s; and who made friends then and are still friends today, came
together to mark their 50th birthday with a special reunion dinner and beach picnic.  The
picnic was used as a fund-raiser and a cheque amounting to EC$550.00 was presented to
the principal to open a special account for the proposed long-term rebuilding of the new
academic institution which it is planned, will be completed for the 100th anniversary in
September, 2016.  

This is what ALL AHS past, preset and future girls have to restore by the year 2016.
In her address to the students on Tuesday, September 18 2007, Ms Baptiste challenged the
young ladies to ‘take back’ their trophy in the Girls Inter-col Games this year and to keep the
flame burning in the RBTT Young Leaders Progremme; having held the top 3 positions
since its inception.  She reminded them that “A school is judged in the main by its academic
achievements” and that they should always live up to the school’s motto “Facta non Verba” -
Deeds not words.  Ms Baptiste also informed the students that as of October 01 2007, the
Ministry of Education will begin phase I of the construction work on the main building now
referred to as “Sun Hall” (see photo above) which was destroyed by hurricane Ivan.  The
restoration of this building will eliminate the small wooden (Plywood) structures around the
Congratulations to ALL those who have just passed the CXC Exams.  Overall percentage
passes this year 2006/7 - 68.4% against last year 2005/6 - 61.86%; an increase of 6.5%.  A
total of 119 students took the exams with 19 gaining seven (7) ordinary passes; six (6) with
8 subjects and eight (8) with 9 subjects. While Joanne Francis, Renisha Mc Donald and
Dellia Richardson obtained 10 subjects each.  The crown goes to the daughter of past pupil
Ms Louisa Grant’s and president of the PTA.   Rosel Grant, who achieved 13 subjects - 2
distinctions, 10 Grade 1’s and 3 Grande II’s.  Congratulations Rosel, keep up the good work.

 It was a year when AHS addressed the issue of adolescent pregnancy and educated the
country on the ‘sordid’ affairs of the vulnerable youth of the nation.  It is a part of its history
that most girls would like to forget; but in spite of it all, the academic achievements have
been a credit to both students and teachers, not to mention parents.
The physical building is not an easy or comfortable environment to learn especially in
today’s vast technological world.  Learning is important and each young lady has done her
very BEST.  We congratulate you all and urge each of you to keep the moto in all your future
endeavours.  Facta non Verba.
Karen Charles
September 26, 2007


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School Quote

"every student is expected to take her academic studies seriously at all times;’ and  ‘every student should regard herself as a citizen of the Anglican High School Community, who live together, pooling and sharing their qualities of mind and character with a view to utilizing and developing the resources of their common habitation for the good of all.’

~ AHS Handbook given to every new student