Merriam-Webster's Definition of GROUP

1 : two or more figures forming a complete unit in a composition
2: a number of individuals assembled together or having some unifying relationship
Our Centennial Anniversary Date is September 18th 2016.
The AHS 100th Project wants to have the grounds improved and one of the Buildings constructed by that date.
The Current school community will be having celebration events on that date.
The Pastpupils community will be having celebration events throughout the Centennial year (Sept 18th 2016 - Sept 17th 2017)
Many of these events will be at times so that our Diaspora Pastpupuils can schedule their trips into Grenada to be part of this year long celebration.
All of the above is enough reason to get on board now.
You may want to connect by Graduation class or by class or just the group of friends you've stayed connected with since leaving AHS.
Start talking to each other and planning ways to raise these needed funds now.
Remember to register so you can get emails on 100th Project status and Centennial celebration plans.
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School Quote

"every student is expected to take her academic studies seriously at all times;’ and  ‘every student should regard herself as a citizen of the Anglican High School Community, who live together, pooling and sharing their qualities of mind and character with a view to utilizing and developing the resources of their common habitation for the good of all.’

~ AHS Handbook given to every new student