News from the Grenada chapter

AHS Past Pupils Association organised two games stalls at the Annual School Fair held Sunday November 07th. Both stalls "Bottle Stall" & "Punch Board" raised over $1200.00.
These monies will go towards purchasing Fans for the classrooms thus making the environment more conducive to learning.

The fund raising committee is also looking at organizing a Jumble Sale at the end of November,all past pupils are asked to send the clothes to the school. In the meantime, we are asking past pupils to send contributions to us to help in the purchase of Fans and Air Conditioners.

The Fair was a great success.

All AHS past pupils are asked to tell a friend about our next AHS past pupils meeting scheduled for November 23rd 5 pm at the school. Remember unity is strength.

Submitted November 8th 2011 - Tessa Stroude - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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School Quote

"every student is expected to take her academic studies seriously at all times;’ and  ‘every student should regard herself as a citizen of the Anglican High School Community, who live together, pooling and sharing their qualities of mind and character with a view to utilizing and developing the resources of their common habitation for the good of all.’

~ AHS Handbook given to every new student