Anglican High School (AHS) or Church of England High School, (CEHS) was the brainchild of Archedeacon Walton who desired to teach girls of “the Church of England Persuasion”. 

On September 18th 1916 with 19 students and three (3) staff members, the doors were opened at Bachelor Hall, Simmons Alley.  Lessons were taught to both ‘boys’ and girls at pre-primary “Prep” and only girls graduated to the senior level.  As the student body grew, they moved to Lamollie House - present site of First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB). 

In 1946 with a staff of about six (6) and approximately 100 students, the school moved to the Grenada Boys Secondary School (GBSS) compound and remained until 1952.  It was also in 1946 that the CEHS became AHS. The school has been at its present site since September 1952 with a population of approx 250 students which increased to 367 in 1959.  It should be noted that the transitions from CEHS to AHS and the “Prep” into only Secondary School for Girls, were met with no demonstration; no strikes and no public display of opposition; -an exercise which forms the ‘norm’ today.

95 Years Celebration - September 18th 2011

AHS Pastpupils celebrated their alma mater's 95th Anniversary with a church service and dinner.

At the dinner the announcement of the AHS 100th Project (Campus rebuilding and expansion for the next century) was made by Arch Deacon Glasgow.  More on the 100th Project to come  --- Stay Tuned.

For a donation of US$20 we have a DVD on the evening activities held during the 95th Anniversary Celebration Dinner. To order your copy email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
View some of the highlights 


AHS 95 Years Remembered - Interviews with Mrs. Shirley Charles and Mrs. Gloria Payne-Banfield

During the week of September 12th 2011 a series of interviews were done by our past pupils leading up to the 95th Anniversary Past Pupils Thanksgiving Service and Dinner.
These interviews were done with Ray Roberts host of the GIS Spice Morning show.
AHS 95 years Remembered - Part 1 - Charles/Payne-Banfield

AHS 95 years Remembered - Part 2 - Charles/Payne-Banfield


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School Quote

"every student is expected to take her academic studies seriously at all times;’ and  ‘every student should regard herself as a citizen of the Anglican High School Community, who live together, pooling and sharing their qualities of mind and character with a view to utilizing and developing the resources of their common habitation for the good of all.’

~ AHS Handbook given to every new student