1916 - Church of England High school was founded for girls by Archdeacon Walton. The school originally occupied premises at Bachelor Hall, Simmonds Alley, with 19 students and 3 faculty members and later moved to Mollie House (pr~sently Barclays Bank). This property was once owned by educator advocate, Edmund Passee.


The 1st Grenada Brownie Pack and Guide Company started at the school.


The school moved to Tanteen. occupying one of the barracks on the G.B.S,S. compound along with 3 barracks on the lower level. The name also changed to Anglican High School.


The School moved to a new building on its present site, along with the building that now houses "Bottom School."


The management of AHS came under the auspices of the Sisters of the Community of Jesus, the Good Shepherd and Sister Superior became Principal.


Fire destroyed the Main Building on October 15.


1st phase of the new school building was completed with the second phase due to begin in 1974.


By this time the faculty had grown from 3 to 22 and the Student Body from 19 to 434.


Student body consists of 474 students and a faculty of 19. There is a dire need for greater accommodations.


The present building is inadequate. The only laboratory serves Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Integrated and Agricultural Sciences. The Home Economics room, built to accommodate 15 students, now holds 40. There are 12 classrooms. One is housed in a hut that is used for storage during the construction of the present building. An old wooden hut from 1946, now a high-risk building, stili houses 4 classrooms.

PROPOSED RENOVATION AND EXTENSION: 16 Classrooms, 4 Laboratories, Home Economics Department Commercial Arts Room, Multipurpose Hall, Staff Facilities. Principal's Office. and Library. The objective is to accommodate 600 students.


Hurricane Ivan destruction


The Anglican High School as it is known today was born from the original name “Church of England High School” for girls. This distinguished institution will celebrate ninety (90) years of unbreakable service to the education system in Grenada, on September 18, 2006.